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EVODEVO 14-012: Analyzing Chromatin Using Tiled Binned 3D Scatterplots

Dirk Zeckzer, Daniel Gerighausen, Lydia Steiner


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IEEE VIS 2014 Workshop: Does 3D really make sense for Data Visualization?


Tiled binned scatterplot matrices proved to be very useful for analyzing epigenetic data. However, they can at most show binary relationships, while 3D scatterplots on the other hand can depict ternary relationships. We adapted the idea of tiling and binning 2D scatterplots to 3D. Analyzing the same data set again with the new method showed that many relations that are difficult or impossible to find using tiled binned 2D scatterplot matrices can easily be observed using the new approach. In fact, using 3D reduced the amount of overlap, while the occlusion problem was solved using appropriate interaction mechanisms.