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  • 2014 (3 working papers)
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Bioinformatics working papers 2014

EVODEVO 14-012: Analyzing Chromatin Using Tiled Binned 3D Scatterplots

Dirk Zeckzer, Daniel Gerighausen, Lydia Steiner
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]

EVODEVO 14-007: Using Significant Word Co-occurences for the Lexical Access Problem

Rico Feist and Daniel Gerighausen and Manuel Konrad and Georg Richter and Thomas Eckart and Dirk Goldhahn and Uwe Quasthoff
[ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]

EVODEVO 14-001: Comparative Detection of Processed Small RNAs in Archaea

Christian Höner zu Siederdissen, Sarah Berkemer, Fabian Amman, Axel Wintsche, Sebastian Will, Sonja J. Prohaska, Peter F. Stadler
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